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It's not always easy to make a web series. Every take isn't perfect. On this week's episode of '60 Seconds with Kori Jo' we've featured some of our favorite bloopers. ...

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Yesterday our USAG Level 3 Team had their first mini meet of the season. Great job girls!!! ...

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Niki Benasutti 9.5
Jordan Pollart 9.375
Brooke Hunnings 9.225
Courtney Zahn 9.4
Morgan Offerman 9.05
Lauren Offerman 9.25

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Niki Benasutti 9.675
Jordan Pollart 9.675
Brooke Hunnings 9.6
Courtney Zahn 9.625
Morgan Offerman 9.825
Lauren Offerman 9.7

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Niki Benasutti 8.9
Jordan Pollart 8.9
Brooke Hunnings 8.2
Courtney Zahn 8.95
Morgan Offerman 9.35
Lauren Offerman 8.1

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  • Emma Soteras

    My daughter got onto the USAG level 3 team this past Jan at 20 Mile. She was on another team at a different gym but they would not allow her to continue after a long family summer trip. Fortunately, we came across 20 Mile and they were accomodating to our schedule. They agreed to allow our daughter to stay on the team upon returning from our trip as long as she committed to maintaining her skills while we were on our trip. Since joining the gym, we have encountered changes in coaches (other teams, not our daughter's team). Fortunately, this has not affected our daughter's team, nor has it affected our daughter and everything has been running smoothly for the level 3 team. We are really happy that we have found 20 Mile. I am sure with the new families & new coaches coming in, 20 Mile will face much better times to come. If you want to see where the best girls come from you will see many 20 Mile girls at the very top. This gym is to far the best gym we have ever found for our family

  • Kenton Kennedy

    "20 mile has been a great impact on my daughter. Greatest level 4 coaching I have seen in a few years. My daughter has excelled in every area she has trained in. She is having fun but working hard!!"

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