20 Mile Gymnastics: The Premier Gymnastics Training Center of the South Suburbs Since 1995

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We're lucky to have such amazing coaches working at 20 Mile. Coach Lexi is one class act. ...

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We're deep into competition season and we feel this. ...

Never complain of your job before seeing that

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Men's gymnastics is getting intense. ...

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Pokémon Go PNO last night. Our staff had a wonderful time creating this fun event. ...

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Our Pokémon Go PNO is in one hour! Stop by and check it out. 6-10pm. ...

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  • Anna Page

    "Our kids have been a part of 20 MAC since 2009. The owner, JR Jaquay, does a phenomenal job in instilling that when you become part of this gym - you are part of a FAMILY. This facility doesn't just promote that type of environment though - they demonstrate that in EVERYTHING they do with these kids. Over the last 4 years we've experienced summers filled with team outings to amusement parks, swimming pools and family BBQ's; to winters random celebrations and holiday parties. JR also takes the team parents into consideration by arranging "adult bonding time" for us. The coaches are exceptional. They are not only producing elite gymnasts, but also instruct these kids on life skills;self respect, support & respect for their team, discipline to work hard and the importance of being considerate to others. The coaches are always accessible and communicate constantly with parents, keeping us informed of any challenges our kids may be experiencing and goals they may have set. This is a supportive community that we are proud to be a part of, that our kids love to attend, and that we encourage anyone looking for a place to call home - to join."

  • Angela Nesti

    "20 Mile is a wonderful athletic center that has allowed my daughter to accomplish her biggest goals. I especially love that all the children and parents are united as a family for one another and continues to push forward to see are children achieve success!"

20 Mile was voted Best Gymnastics Training Center in Parker

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